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********** Purchasing a puppies from Garlin Miniature Dachshunds ***********
This may help answer some of your questions. Please feel free to email or call with other questions and concerns you may have about buying a puppy from me.
I sell my puppies at 8 weeks of age, if shipping is needed it would be at 10 weeks of age. I prefer your puppy be living in their new home before 12 weeks of age or sooner. I try to give every puppy I breed the proper socialization and attention they need but once they become "preteen" so to speak, they demand and require much more attention than a younger puppy. So please try to make arrangements to have your puppy with you by the time they reach this age if possible. I feel this is in the best interest of my puppies and me.
PS- They think they live here and I get too attached after 12 weeks! ; )
I prefer to sell my puppies to pet homes. I do occasionally sell to other small breeders that I know personally or that can supply me with adequate references. If you are a small breeder and you can supply me with references I will consider selling you a puppy. I do not sell to large breeding kennels because I feel they can not possibly give each dog the attention they require. I own approximately 15 Dachshunds, some are not of breeding age as yet, some are almost ready to be retired and some are retired. I consider myself a small breeding kennel, I do not work outside of my home, my dogs are my life! These are all the dogs I can possibly care for properly and that is spreading myself thin. I try to give my dogs all the attention I can but I wish I could clone myself to give them more!
PS- I reserve the right to refuse to sell one of my puppies to someone based solely on my gut instinct, a good breeders prerogative!
I breed the best quality dachshunds I possibly can. I have bred some very nice puppies thanks to some wonderful breeders allowing me to buy their puppies or stud to their beautiful dogs. Yes, some may be of show potential but I do not sell show puppies. A show prospect should be at least 16 weeks to 6 months old, I don't keep my puppies that long to make that assessment. If you are looking for a show puppy please contact a "show breeder" and discuss this with them. Health, temperament and conformation is what my breeding program is based upon.
Color is secondary. I am always striving to improve my breeding program.
PS- I do not show my dogs, I don't have the thick skin for it! :(
I have been breeding dogs for over thirty years, the dachshunds for 16 years now. If you purchase a puppy from me I will try to assist you in every aspect of it's life. I am willing to share my experience and advise in many areas, including training and health issues. A dachshund may not be a suitable pet for every family, if you are uncertain a dachshund will fit into your families lifestyle I will try to give you my honest assessment of the situation.
PS- I screen prospective buyer and try to place every one of my puppies in a forever home.
I breed Miniature Dachshunds and offer quality AKC stud service. I breed dachshunds because I love dachshunds but I also breed for profit. If a breeder tells you they are not breeding for profit they are not telling you the truth. I do not make a lot of money and sometimes actually lose money when problems arise but the reward seem to outweigh the disappointment, it is what I truly enjoy doing. With that pleasure there can also be heartbreak, so if you are considering breeding your dog think long and hard. Emergency C-Sections are very expensive not to mention that you may lose your bitch and/or the puppies. Keeping your puppies until good homes are found is very important and it can take longer then you anticipated. How will you place/sell your puppies? Caring for a litter of puppies is expensive, vaccinations, worming, quality pet food, advertising and vet examines are some of the expenses in raising a litter of puppies. Ask yourself, do you have the time, space and money to raise a litter? Consider these things BEFORE breeding your dog!
PS- Breeding your dog should be taken very seriously.
To view/visit puppies we require an appointment be made. I require a $200 deposit to hold the puppy of your choice,  if mailing a deposit it must reach us within 5 days or the puppy will be placed back up for sale). I accept cash, money order, personal check and PayPal for a deposit (If using PayPal please add an additional 2.9% $206.00), this is a surcharge that PayPal charges me to use their service. The remaining balance is due in full by 8 weeks of age. If the puppy is not picked up or shipped by 10 weeks of age, an additional $25.00/week boarding fee will be charged, unless other prior arrangements have been made with us. A Deposit will only be refunded if the puppy has an unforeseen problem or defect. When picking up your puppy please pay by Cash or Money Order for your final payment. All funds must clear the bank before final sale.
PS- I do not take deposits until after the puppies are born.
You must physically see the puppy prior to sale or meet us at the airport. It may be possible to make arrangements for personal delivery, a travel fee would apply.
A breeding prospect would be allowed to be shipped to a licensed breeder.
PS- Home visits are always welcome with appointment.
Puppies will be (AKC) American Kennel Club Limited Registration puppy is sold strictly as a pet. spaying and neutering is required within 8 months of age, unless otherwise noted. Limited AKC Registration will NOT allow you to breed or show your puppy in conformation class but WILL allow them to compete in agility, obedience, earth dog and hunting trials, etc. Full AKC may be granted if prior arrangements are made for Full AKC Registration, allowing the pup to be shown/bred. Full AKC will have an additional charge of $200.00.
PS- Limited AKC Papers will be issued to you after proof of spay/neuter from your vet.
Puppies have a One Year life threatening congenital/genetic Health Guarantee, a five generation pedigree, all required vaccinations and worming will be current at time of sale. Pets purchased from me come with a lifetime of guidance, please feel free to email or call with your concerns or question.
PS- No question is to dumb, so ask?
I understand that unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances may arise, please contact me first before placing one of my dogs. I will take any dachshund back I have bred for any reason. I can not refund the purchase price of your dog but I will place it in a suitable home or assist you in placing your pet. If it is possible to resell the dog I will refund the balance of the resale price to you, less any expenses incurred while in my care.
PS- It is more important to place a dog in the appropriate home, it may not be possible to resell your pet.
This is my philosophy for breeding, some breeders may disagree, it is their prerogative.
If you have other questions and concerns please feel free to email or contact me.
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