(SIRE)    GRAN’S MINER’S MARK MS   AKA (MINER)       Male  Red Smooth   12/31/2012
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Victory Fool’s Gold MS    Red
CH Laurjosh Tuscan Sun MS    Red
AM/CAN/AUST CH Grandgables The Gladiator MS    Red
CAN CH Pawprints Harley D Edition MS    B&T

Pawprints Packers Magnum Force MS   Red

Pawprints French Silk          Red

CAN CH Grandgables Full O’Beans MS  Red

CAN/SAF/ZIM CH Garthorne Mr Bean For GrandGable ROM   Red

Dynadaux Justa Rumor At GrandGables    Red
AM/CAN CH Grandgables Dragon’s Breath MS ROMX   Red
AM/CAN CH Coamex EJ’s Sunrise Dragon MS

BISS CH Add-Sim's GoodTime Charlie MS ROMX       Red

Coamex EJ's Tillandsia MS       Red

CAN/SAF CH Grandgables Call My Bluff MS     Red

BISS  SAF  CH Terihund Talbot O'Trafalgar MS   Red

CAN/SAF CH GrandGables Call Me Kirby MS   Red

Grandgables MS SuperNova
BISS ENG/AM/CAN CH D’Arisca Supernatural MS ROMX   B&T
ENG CH D’Arisca In Confidence MS    B&T
D'Arisca Alexander MS   B&T
ENG CH D'Arisca Caress MS    B&T
D’Arisca Danced Till Dawn   B&T
ENG/SAF CH D'Arisca Jolyon of Crocvalley  MS   B&T (UK Imp)
ENG CH. D'Arisca Adorable MS    B&T
Grandgables Snow Bunny MS ROM   Red PB
Kinder Danger Zone MS    Red PB
CH Duchwood’s Red Alert MS    Red PB
Kinder’s Heavenly Star MS    B&T
Kinder’s Hidden Valley MS     B&T
Kinder’s Light Sabre MS  B&T BP (Pointed)
Crocvalley Blondie   Red  (SAF)
CAN CH Gran On The Line MS
Red Brindle
CAN CH Guardian’s Bamboozled’N
Paradice  MSB         Red Brindle
CH Rabbit Runs Red Alert-Ceedox MS    Red
AM/CAN CH Dynadaux Texas Tornado MS    Red

Ch. Sonderbar Boomerang MS (AUST) ROMX       Red

DCH Dynadaux Dance In Circles MS ROM      B&T

CH H’rtland Hills Zelda V Kick MS    Red

CH Cindy Ke’s Kick A Litt V-EJ’s     Red

CH Greenbrier Bramblin� Rose MW      Red
Siro Teckelwood Francesca  MS
CH Teckelwood Luca Brasi MS     Red Brndl

AM/CAN CH Vindachs Shot in The Dark MS     Red

Teckelwood Peanut Brindle MS    Red Brndl

Teckelwood Night Sky MS    B&T

CH Vindachs Black Tornado MS     B&T

Shadow Edition of Teckelwood MS     B&T

CH Gran’s Crest Of Guardian MS  Red
CH Rellih  Gigalo By Design MS    Red
AM/CAN/AUST CH Grandgables The Gladiator MS   Red
CAN CH Pawprints Harley D Edition MS    B&T
CAN CH Grandgables Full O’Beans MS     Red
CH Rellih Bittersweet Delite MS       B&T
CAN/SAF/ZIM CH Garthorne Mr Bean For Grandgables ROM  Red
CH Rellih's Afternoon Delight MS     Red
CAN CH Guardian’s Flare MS   Red
Shamrock’s Persimmon Ridge MS      Red
CH Dachsheider's Fire Cracker MS  Red
Dachsheider's I Love Lucy      Red
AM/CAN CH Guardian’s Fire MS   Red
Teckelwood Nightvision     B&T
Guardian's Lucinda MS       Red
(Dam)   MAGNOLIA’S LITTLE GEM GRANDIFLORA  MS      Female  Smooth  Red  DOB 7/31/2010
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 

GCH Tudorglen’s Yes We Can MS          


CH Criscross Meant to Be MSC 


CH Sunrise Add-Sim's Guardian MS

CH Sunrise African Journey MS            Red

BISS CH Add-Sim's Good Time Charlie ROMX     Red

Grandgables African Sunrise MS    B&T

Rosen Hill Silver Sunrise MSD

CAN CH Grandgables Tye Dyed Tuxedo MS(SAF)Blk Dpl

Rosen Hill Jingle Bell Joy MS

CH Laurjosh Southern Exposure MS   Red

Mult BISS CH Criscross' Startin' A Riot MS ROM        Red

CH Petalpusher Jumpin' Juniper MS

Ej's Luminosa Of Criscross MS

CH Laurjosh's Lexi At Criscross MS  ROMX   B&T

CH Packer's Black Tie MS       B&T

CH Laurjosh's Kist By A Rose MS         RED

CH Abitibi’s Northern Lights MS


Add-Sims Clark Gable MS

CH Poodachs Own Dos MS           B&T


CH. Poodach's Own Poppyseed MS

CH Add-Sims Sweet Charlotte MS

CH Shawdox Paws for Aplause MS                 Red

Han Jo’s Wee Moonlight MS        B&T

CAN CH Abitibi’s Enchantress MS

BISS CH Add-Sim's Good Time Charlie ROMX Red

CH Shawdach’s Paws for Applause MS         Red

Han Jo’s Wee Moonlight MS        B&T

CAN CH Abitibi’s Abracadabra MS

CAN CH Abitibi’s Hokus Pokus MS (GRB)

Pawprint’s Jasmine and Jewels MS           Red

CH Add-Sim's Primavera MS
BISS CH Add-Sim's Good Time Charlie  ROMX          Red

CH Pawprints Prime Time (CAN)   Red

CH Han Jo's Wee Telemachus MS

Elsa V. Haus Sonnenfels            Red

CH Poodachs WYSIWYG MS       Red

CH. Poodach's Own Poppyseed MS    B&T

Runway V Haus Sonnenfels        Red
CH Pawprints Fly With Me Ms (CAN)      Red
CH Pawprints Fly With Me MS       Red
Pawprints Fast Trac Edition MS (CAN)     Red
Pawprints LTD Edition MS  (CAN)
Pawprints Exclusive Design( CAN)
CAN CH Pawprints Exact Copy    (CAN)    Red 
Pawprints On Parade   (CAN)
CH Theresa V Haus Sonnenfels      Red    
CH Tallavast Econoline M         Red
CH Tallavast Odella-M          B&T
Torals Simpley Red MS            Red
Torals Slippery When Wet MS      B&T
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