Garlin's Smooth Miniature Dachshunds

We have added some wonderful new Smooth Mini Dachshunds to our breeding program. We are excited to begin our upcoming smooth Dachshund lines with some very nice quality dogs with awesome temperaments.

Magnolia's Little Gem Grandifloria MS
* Pedigree
Gran's Miner's Mark MS
* Pedigree
Southwind's Ruger Rimfire MS
* Pedigree
(FLORA) Red Smooth Female -  9 lbs
(MINER)  Red (Hidden Brindle) Smooth Male -  10 1/2 lbs
(RUGER)  Red Smooth Male -  11 lbs
(HILDEE) Red Smooth Female -  9 lbs
Garlin's Brunhilde by Savvy-Dee MS
Gran's Rhythm MS
* Pedigree
    (RHYMER)  Black & Tan Smooth Female -  10 lbs
* These Dogs are NOT for Sale *
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Garin Miniature Dachshunds
Linda LaClair
Loganville GA  30052