Garlin Kennel Miniature Dachshunds
Loganville  GA   30052  


The Stud Dog _________________________________________________________________________________________

Registration No._______________________________________________________________________________________

Owned By_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Was Bred to (Bitch's Name)_______________________________________________________________________________

Registration No.________________________________________________________________________________________

Owned By_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Owners Phone Number__________________________________________________________________________________

Owners Address________________________________________________________________________________________

On the Following Dates: _________________________________________________________________________________

Stud Fee: $____________________________________________________________________________________________

Special Conditions: (to be arranged prior to breeding)_________________________________________________________



Stud fee is payable at time of mating. A  puppy-back(second pick of litter) may be substituted for the stud fee if the bitch is out of Garlin Kennels own breeding, or the bitch is of outstanding temperament, conformation and pedigree and can offer improvement to our breeding program (must be agreed upon by both parties prior to mating.)  If a puppy-back is agreed upon in lieu of a stud fee and only one live puppy is produced, the agreed upon stud fee can be paid in lieu of a puppy-back.

The bitch must be current on vaccinations and worming and may require a brucellosis clearance prior to mating.

The owner of the stud dog will attempt to mate the above canines to produce at least one live puppy.

In the case of a miss(no live puppies born), the owner(s) of the bitch will be entitled to a repeat service by the same dog listed above (if available) to the same bitch on her next heat cycle.  A maximum of two breeding attempts to produce live puppies will be considered a completed stud service.  After two attempts Garlin Kennel's obligation of this agreement will be considered fulfilled and no further action will be taken. Stud fee is non-refundable .

Garlin Kennel will take customary and reasonable care that no harm shall come to the above listed bitch while in their care. By signing this contract the Bitch Owner(s) agrees not to hold Garlin Kennel liable for any illness, injury or death, as long as such care was given.

The bitch owner agrees that extreme care will be taken to ensure that none of these pups nor their descendants ever enter a puppy mill or become available for sale through a pet store.  All expenses incurred prior, during or after the mating and whelping of the litter are the sole responsibility of the bitch owner(s)


Owner(s) of Bitch: ______________________________________________                Date______________________________

(Co-Owner)           ______________________________________________                     ______________________________

Owner of Stud Dog:_____________________________________________                  Date_____________________________


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