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I breed Miniature Dachshunds and offer quality stud service. I breed dachshunds because I love dachshunds but I also breed for profit. If a breeder tells you they are not breeding for profit they are not telling you the truth. I do not make a lot of money and sometimes actually lose money when problems arise but the reward seem to outweigh the disappointment, it is what I truly enjoy doing. With that pleasure there can also be heartbreak, so if you are considering breeding your dog think long and hard.  Emergency C-Sections are very expensive not to mention that you may lose your bitch and/or the puppies.  Keeping your puppies until good homes are found is very important and it can take longer then you anticipated.  How will you place/sell your puppies? Caring for a litter of puppies is expensive, vaccinations, registration costs, worming, quality pet food, advertising and vet examines are some of the expenses in raising a litter of puppies.
Ask yourself, do you have the time, space and money to raise a litter of puppies? The Stud Fee is just part of the cost of raising a litter of puppies. Please consider all these things BEFORE breeding your dog!  

Garlin Miniature Dachshunds
Linda LaClair
Loganville Ga  30052