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Standard Poodles
                 - Offered at Stud -  
Garlins La Marquis Of Clair
       A.K.C. Cream Standard Poodle 
Marquis is a big beautiful Cream Standard Poodle standing 27" at the shoulder. His regal presents, all 73lbs. of him is shear elegance. He has a wonderful temperament and is correct in conformation. He is calm, yet playful  and extremely intelligent which makes him a delightfull dog and an asset to his breed. He will produce black or cream puppies
La Marquis of Clair
La Maximillian of Clair
Lady Zeana In Black
Breeding  Big Beautiful A.K.C. Standard Poodles.
Type and temperament for the discriminating poodle person.
Max is the Father of Mazea, and the Grandfather of Marquis.  
Zeana is the Mother of Mazea and Grandmother of Marquis.
* Max & Zeana *
Mother & Father of Mazea
Grandparents of Marquis
Lady Mazea of Clair
This is Mazea, a Black Standard Poodle. She is Marquis's Mom.  Her refinement and notice me attitude says it all. She is very well put together at 25" and 58lbs. and has a wonderful temperament.
Marquis at 1 year old
Marquis at 3 years old
Mazea at 4 years old
Max at 8 years old
Zeana at 4 years
Zeana at 7 years
I have been breeding the Standard Poodles for over 18 years.  I think they are one of the smartest breed of dog that ever walked this earth.  Very easily trained, a wonderful childrens dog, a good watch dog and an excellent companion. A playful and exuberant dog that does not get overly excited. They do not shed their hair but require weekly maintenance and grooming/clipping every two to three months. I breed for family pets that are beautiful to look at, easily trained with great temperaments.

I occasionally know of a litter of  puppies available.
Please e-mail or phone for more information.
This is the last picuture of Zeana & Max together, both are now deceased and sadly missed, but never forgotten. They were our foundation for our wonderful poodles. 
Marquis at 5 years old
Mazea at 7 years old
Mazea at 7 years old
Marquis at 5 years old
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Garlin Kennel
Linda  LaClair
Loganville, Ga.  
(770) 466-9037
This is Ellie! She and Marquis (above) had 10 beautiful Black, Blue and Cream puppies. Two Females and Five Males Available. Puppies are priced at $600. They should have wonderful temperaments and should weigh approx  50 to 70 lbs. Pups were born May 9th, 2003.  For more
info please Email   or phone (770) 466-9037

Ellie's Puppy
This is Montee!
My puppy pick of
the males!
An absolutely beautiful 13 week old Cream born on May 9th, 2003. He should weigh approx. 65 lbs. Montee has a wonderful temperament and very nice conformation.
In Loving Memory
*  Mazea *
Mother of Marquis
Our good friend Mazea has passed away. She will be missed very much by myself and my family. We shall see beauty but none to match your living grace. We shall hear music but none as sweet as the droning song with which you loved us. We shall fill our days but we shall not, cannot forget. Sleep soft, dear friend...
Author unknown
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